The Inaugural Fusion T20 Cricket Cup

The First Fusion T20 Cricket Cup will be held in Shanghai at the Shanghai Community Sports Club ground during the Dragon Boat Festival from June 7–9, 2019.

Cricket is developing at good pace in mainland China, and notwithstanding the heritage of club like Shanghai which was originally founded in 1858, most of the teams involved are quite new to the cricketing scene. The time is ripe however for cooperation and competition between these fledgling gladiators from further afield. Each team will head to the contest with great excitement and high hopes.

The tournament features eight team with players from 10 different countries representing six cities:

Group AGroup B
Shanghai DragonsShanghai Pirates
Shenzhen Cricket ClubHangzhou Cricket Club
Yunnan Cricket ClubHong Kong Asia XI
Beijing Cricket ClubShanghai Hengfeng Cricket Club

The format for the three-day T20 contest will be two groups of four followed by semi-finals and a final. The matches will take place at the Shanghai Community Sports Club ground, located at the northeast of the city. SCSC is home for SCC where they play SCC League matches.

The main purpose of this competition is to raise cricket as a sport and attract more and more local athletes. The local Chinese club in Shanghai will also send representatives to participate in the competition, which is a great encouragement for the Shanghai Cricket Club and other participating teams. With many honors, competition for player awards and attention from the Chinese cricket world, all teams and players have a responsibility to do their best to create a truly memorable T20 Cricket Cup.

We are glad that CR DADIMA, Chinese NRI are sponsoring the inaugural Fushion T20  Cricket Cup. 4D Sports, SG and BDM Cricket are kit and ball sponsors for the tournament. Longman’s and Bollywood Indian Restaurant are the food and beverage partners for the event.