2017 T20 Rules Released

The 2017 SCC T20 tournament will start from October 15 and will go for six weekends, ending on November 19.

The SCC has chosen to go with mixed teams, rather than a divisional tournament, meaning that each club’s two teams will have players from all divisions.

T20 Rules

  • The tournament will be played with white balls
  • It is recommended that all players wear colored shirts and trousers
  • Each team will play three games, except Daredevils C, who will play only two games with a bye for the third
  • Semi Final 1 – 1st Place vs 4th Place
  • Semi Final 2 – 2nd Place 2nd 3rd Place
  • Final – Winner of Semi Final 1 vs Winner of Semi Final 2
  • No neutral umpires from SCC during League round, each team needs to provide umpires during their batting innings and will be expected to follow the spirit of cricket on all decisions
  • For the Semi Finals and Finals, the SCC will provide umpires
  • The SCC will provide match balls to all the clubs for T20 tournament
  • The Points system will remain similar to the SCC league point system
  • All games will be played at SCSC Near ground
  • Please follow the time mentioned in the schedule strictly to complete the game on time
  • Matches will be played  from only one end, both captains will decide which end before the start of the match
  • Each inning will be of 1 hour 20 minutes including 5 mins drinks break
  • There will be 10 min break between the two innings