Dukes CC

Introducing Dukes CC

Dukes CC, the Shanghai Cricket Club’s newest associate member, took the field in their first match of the season on Sunday, April, 17.

The Dukes represent parents and staff of Wellington College International Shanghai, are focused on gettingĀ more youths involved in the league, as was the case with Pudong Dads and lads some seasons ago.

In their first Division 3 match, they faced Pudong, and posted a strong start before eventually running out of steam in the middle order to give Pudong their first win of the season by 46 runs.

Dukes CC would like to acknowledge their sponsors, whose support has made this possible. Thanks go to Austen Morris Associates, Maya and Mayita restaurants, Nicolsons Butchers & Seafood, Sino Automotive Engineering, and Stealth Pest Control Ltd.

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  1. Welcome to Shanghai Cricket club .
    Its really nice to have more clubs playing cricket .
    I am sure after the first warm up match your team will climb the ladder in the league .
    Wishing you a great and enjoyable cricket league tournament .

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