2016 Season Opening Sixes

The Shanghai Cricket Club opens the 2016 Season this coming weekend with a sixes tournament at Wellington College.

Games start at 1 pm on Saturday afternoon and long time SCC sponsor Santa Fe will be setting up tents for teams as per previous events.

Following the games on Saturday, the SCC has booked the upstairs at Big Bamboo on Nanyang Road from 6:30 pm and will be taking care of the tab for a couple of drinks for all members including those who couldn't make it out to the sixes. It's an opportunity for all members to get together and kick off the season. The World T20 matches of New Zealand vs Afghanistan and England vs Sri Lanka will be on television. 

Games begin at 8 am on Sunday and there will be food and drinks (including beer) provided on site by Deepak and the Hit Wicket Bar, which SCC will subsidize.

Wellington College

March 26 – 27

Group A

Bashers A
Daredevils A

Group B

Hot Dogs A

Group C

Bashers B
Hot Dogs B

Group D

Daredevils B

Match Schedule

Saturday, March 26

13:00: Bashers A vs Daredevils A
13:20: Bashers B vs Hot Dogs B
14:30: Hot Dogs A vs Dulwich
14:50: Daredevils A vs Dukes

Sunday, March 27

09:00: Bashers B vs Leopards
09:20: Pudong vs Daredevils B
10:20: Bashers A vs Dukes
10:40: K2 vs Daredevils B
11:40: SCC vs Hot Dogs A
12:00: Hot Dogs B vs Leopards
13:00: Pudong vs K2
13:20: SCC vs Dulwich
14:30: Group A 1st vs Group C 1st
14:50: Group B 1st vs Group D 1st
15:35: Final

Matches are played concurrently – two matches are in progress at the same time, progressing as follows: Match A 1st innings, Match B 1st innings, Match A 2nd innings, Match B 2nd innings.


  1. Hello… We are interested in playing a tournament in Shanghai and wanted to check if a club team from Philippines can compete. Any details you can share is well appreciated.

    1. Hey Sachin,

      This tournament was just for local teams and has already finished, but if your team is interested in touring Shanghai, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll see if we can arrange a tour fixture for your club.

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