Muifa Washers Out Sunday’s Matches

Although downgraded to a tropical storm, Muifa brought enough wind and rain to Shanghai on Sunday to wash out any hope of cricket being played at SRFC.

With early reports from the ground that rain was intermittent but that wind was high, the decision to cancel all games was postponed until a firsthand pitch inspection could be made.

At 9 am, the report came back from the Devils that the parameter fences had been knocked down and continued high wind and rain would not permit any form of cricket to be played. The Devils Division 2 Digital vs Doosra duel would not be decided today.

However, with hardly any rain in sight  downtown, the Division 1 sides scheduled to play at SRFC – Bashers CC and Daredevils CC – agreed to inspect the pitch for themselves, unwilling to throw in the towel just yet.

The Bashers arrived in time to see Muifa begin to lash curtains of rain across the ground.  As very confused ground staff unlocked a side door to grant access to the clubhouse, Bashers captain Sheyan Patel and SCC president Oliver Austin walked to the pitch for a formal inspection. With puddles of water complicating the bowler’s run up, and rain blowing in sheets across the ground, the six players (Sheyan and Oliver had by now been joined by several Bashers eager to test their spin and off-speed bowing in the worsening conditions) retired to the clubhouse to wait out the rain.

Daredevils impresario Sanjay Anugula and captain Jasim Baig expressed their displeasure with the weather as they settled in, hoping for a break in the wind and the rain. New bats were unwrapped, the finer points of handle length and bat weight discussed, but no change came.

At 1 pm, with no respite in sight, the game was called. The two Division 1 sides had finally decided what most other teams had already concluded from the comfort of their homes, that Muifa, however downgraded, would not permit cricket to be played.