Complete 2011 League Schedule Now Online; Rain Affected Match Rules Modified

The complete SCC 2011 League Schedule is now available online. Due to ground availability issues at SRFC, several games have been moved and venues changed. Because of the dearth of ground availability, all available playing days at SRFC and Dulwich are now full. Therefore, there is no further scope for rain-affected matches to be re-scheduled.

In light of this, the SCC Executive Committee, including the chairmen of the four foundation clubs, has updated theSCC League rules for rain-affected matches.

The key change is that the Duckworth-Lewis method will not be used to determine the result of rain-affected matches. Given the complexity of trying to calculate Duckworth-Lewis targets for matches re-starting after a rain break, the committee has agreed a simpler calculation (based on run-rates) would be more appropriate for the SCC League.

The updated rules are as follows:

A rain-affected match will be deemed a draw if:

  • No play is possible; or
  • Play commences but the minimum over requirement is not reached. In the event of a draw, both teams will be awarded four competition points. The minimum over requirement is that each team must face is:
  1. 20 overs per team for Division 1 matches
  2. 15 overs per team for Division 2 matches
  3. 12 overs per team for Division 3 matches

In the event of a rain interrupted match, and provided each team can face their minimum over requirements, a result will still be achieved. The result in a match delayed or interrupted by adverse conditions of weather, ground, light or other good cause beyond the teams’ control, the following procedures apply:

  • If the first innings is delayed or interrupted on one or more occasions, two overs shall be deducted from the original total number of overs (80 for D1, 60 for D2, 50 for D3) for every six minutes (or part thereof) lost, i.e. one over deducted from each innings.
  • The second innings shall consist of the same number of overs as the first. If the second innings is not completed for any reason other than that of a result already being achieved, the game will be won by the team having the superior run rate (runs scored divided by overs faced), provided that the minimum number of overs have been completed by each side.

When a result is achieved in a rain-affected match, competition points will be awarded in the same way as regular matches – four competition points plus bonus points to winning team; 0 competition points plus bonus points to the losing team.

When a result is not achieved as a result of the weather, both sides shall be awarded 4 competition points but no bonus points. In addition to this, it should be noted that all weather affects games should still be completed by the scheduled close of play.