SCC Appoints General Committee, Recognises Contributions of Outgoing Excom

Following the announcement last month of the 2011 Executive Committee, the Shanghai Cricket Club announced this week the appointment of several General Committee positions.

The SCC issued a communiqué on June 21 providing all member clubs an explanation of the appointment process, an update on the appointment of General Committee positions, and a summary of achievements of the previous SCC Excom members.

Executive Committee

The SCC Excom is comprised of seven positions: the club chairman from each of the four SCC foundation clubs (elected by their clubs); the secretary (nominated and elected by SCC members at the annual general meeting); the treasurer (nominated and elected by SCC members at the annual general meeting); and the president (nominated and selected by the four Club Chairmen plus the secretary and treasurer).

As previously announced, the following appointments have been made for 2011:

  • Denzyl Allwright, Bashers Chairman
  • Mike Lucas, Pudong Power Chairman
  • Rak Mistry, Hot Dogs Chairman
  • Vijay Ramachandran, Devils Chairman (Recently succeeded by Deepak Nautiyal)
  • Bernie Hughes, Secretary
  • Damon Paling, Treasurer
  • Oliver Austin, President

Full details of the appointment process are contained in the communiqué, which can be downloaded here.

General Committee

The Excom is supplemented by General Committee positions. Nominations for these positions are made by clubs, and then appointed by the Excom. The status of these positions following the May 26 Excom meeting is as follows

Media & Communications Director: Andy Scott appointed.

Events & Tours Director: John L’Epagniol appointed.

SCC Club Captain: Open position, no nominations received.

General Manager: Open position, two nominations received.

Club Chairmen will seek further nominations for the two open positions.

Recognition of outgoing Excom members

The SCC also thanks outgoing Excom members who have contributed their time and efforts in recent years – Jon Newton (2007-2010), Darren Burns (2010), George Kapitelli (2008-2010), Sanjay Anugula (2004-2010), Mike Tsesmelis (2004-2005, 2008-2010) and Andy Scott (2008-present). The tireless efforts of these people have put SCC in the strong position it is in today, and have set the development path for the new Excom to implement and build upon.

Their achievements include among other things: growing the league from 50 members to 250 members, setting up the platform for new SCC Excom structure with all foundation club chairmen included; empowering the clubs directly; bringing in over RMB 150K in sponsorship on SCC’s own terms (a cash amount of 1.5 times the in-kind value of the Shanghai Sixes); League Expansion MoU rules written and reviewed and member club and associate team structure set in place; establishment of ResultsVault as an interactive platform to run the SCC League; the new SCC website, launched in May 2011; and most importantly, despite differences, disputes and wastage of productive time, forging unity among clubs and building a unified vision for SCC that all clubs are buying into and sending volunteers to carry forward the work

The full SCC communiqué can be downloaded here.