Current Standings

Division 1

1Pudong CC30110
2Daredevils CC1125
3DPR Hot Dogs1214
4Bashers CC0222

Division 2

1China Zalmi2128
2Pudong CC2117
3Digital Devils1114
4Hangzhou CC1003
5Dynamite Devils1203
6DPR Hot Dogs0033
7Bashers CC0211

Division 3

1Dulwich Knights41012
2Wellington Dukes32110
3Pudong CC2106
4DPR Hot Dogs1303
5Daredevils CC0211
6Bashers CC1200

Recent News

Founded in 1858, the Shanghai Cricket Club is a sports club that provides the best services and facilities to the cricketing community in Shanghai, China. The club manages a competitive cricket league with three divisions and eight member clubs and also fields two representative teams, the Dragons and Pirates, that tour through the world and host overseas clubs in Shanghai.