SCC League Championship

Division 1 Semi-Final

Daredevils CC vs K2 CCC

Division 3 Final

Daredevils CC vs Pudong CC

Recent News

Twenty20 Tournament

2016-10-30 09:00:41October 30, 2016 Hot Dogs A vs Pudong A 09:00:4109:00Wellington College
2016-10-30 12:30:34October 30, 2016 Daredevils B vs Pudong B 12:30:3412:30Wellington College
2016-11-06 08:00:58November 6, 2016 Semi-Final 1 08:00:5808:00Wellington College
2016-11-06 11:15:25November 6, 2016 Semi-Final 2 11:15:2511:15Wellington College
2016-11-06 14:30:25November 6, 2016 Final 14:30:2514:30Wellington College

Group A

2Hot Dogs A10+2.815
3Pudong A10+0.350
4Daredevils A02-1.831
5Bashers A02-4.409

Group B

1Hot Dogs B21+0.900
2Bashers B21+0.265
3Pudong B11+0.050
4Daredevils B11-0.663
Founded in 1858, the Shanghai Cricket Club is a sports club that provides the best services and facilities to the cricketing community in Shanghai, China. The club manages a competitive cricket league with three divisions and eight member clubs and also fields two representative teams, the Dragons and Pirates, that tour through the world and host overseas clubs in Shanghai.