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  • Pirates End of Season Dinner

    Pirates End of Season Dinner

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    After a marvelous 2017 season, the Pirates are having a celebration at India Kitchen from 7 pm on Saturday, November 18. Details in the post below. All Pirates invited. 
  • Pirates defeat Jiankang

    Pirates defeat Jiankang

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    The Pirates slowly assembled on a sunny, but breezy, Saturday afternoon at the artificial Jiankang field (Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Science). Pirates skipper, Mark Henwood, won the toss and elected to bat. A few stragglers were still walking up from the metro, so Jamie Boynton (0 off 3) …
  • Pirates Defeat Jiaozhi

    Pirates Defeat Jiaozhi

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    The morning dawned gloomy, with a typhoon hitting Southern China. The Pirates assembled sleepily at Jiankang University for the supposed 9am start against Jiaozhi (Shanghai Communications Polytechnic), only to discover the schedule changes had pushed the game to 2pm. So the ten Pirates at the ground decided to have a …
Founded in 1858, the Shanghai Cricket Club is a sports club that provides the best services and facilities to the cricketing community in Shanghai, China. The club manages a competitive cricket league with three divisions and eight member clubs and also fields two representative teams, the Dragons and Pirates, that tour through the world and host overseas clubs in Shanghai.