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K2 Win Inaugural SCC Twenty20 Championship

K2 Winners
Led by skipper and SCC regular Waqar Khattak, K2 won the first SCC Twenty20 Championship, defeating Pudong A. Pudong batted first, scoring 116 runs for 9 wickets in their 20 overs. In reply, K2 scored 117 in 16 overs, reaching the required total with two wickets in hand.

Final Standings for Inaugural SCC Twenty20 Championship

1.  K2
2. Pudong A
3. Daredevils A
4. Leopards
5. Bashers B
6. Bashers A
7. Pudong B
8. Daredevils B
9. Hot Dogs A
10. Hot Dogs B

K2 (117/8) defeated Pudong A (116/9)
Daredevils A (137/3) defeated Leopards (135/6)
Bashers B (236/3) defeated Bashers A (120/4)
Pudong B defeated Daredevils B by forfeit
Hot Dogs A defeated Hot Dogs B

Twenty20 A League Standings

A League  Points Wins Draws Losses NRR
K2 9 3 0 0 0.29
Pudong A 7 2 0 1 0.10
Daredevils A 6 1 1 1 0.02
Bashers A 5 1 0 2 -0.02
Hot Dogs A 5 1 0 2 -0.09
Daredevils B 4 0 1 2 -0.57

Week 3 Results:
Pudong A (152/7) defeated Bashers A (150/6)
Daredevils A (114/5) defeated Hot Dogs A (110/8)
K2 (270/3) defeated Daredevils B (205/5)

Week 2 Results:
Hot Dogs A (137/5) defeated Pudong A (135/4)
K2 (159/3) defeated Bashers A (158/7)
Daredevils A vs Daredevils B rained out

Week 1 Results:
Bashers A (161/7) defeated Daredevils A (149/8)
K2 (142/9) defeated Hot Dogs A (117/8)
Pudong A (67/3) defeated Daredevils B (64/9)

Twenty20 B League Standings

B League Points Wins Draws Losses NRR
Leopards 9 3 0 0 0.31
Bashers B 5 1 0 2 -0.02
Pudong B 5 1 0 2 -0.16
Hot Dogs B 5 1 0 2 -0.24

Week 3 Results:
Pudong B (119/3) defeated Bashers B (116/8)
Leopards (102/0) defeated Hot Dogs B (100/6)

Week 2 Results:
Bashers B (112/5) defeated Hot Dogs B (111/10)
Leopards (95/2) defeated Pudong B (91/9)

Week 1 Results:
Hot Dogs B (132/6) defeated Pudong B (100/7)
Leopards (53/1) defeated Bashers B (50/10)

2014 Season Underway as Pudong Begins Defense of D3 Crown

The Shanghai Cricket Club League 2014 gets underway today as the defending Division 3 champions Pudong CC take on the Daredevils at the Shanghai Rugby Football Club in Pudong.

The 2014 season will see some changes both to the format of the league as well as the inclusion of a mini Twenty20 tournament to take place during the heat of the Shanghai summer. To make room for the mid-season Twenty20 tournament, the regular SCC League has been reduced from three rounds to two. Continue reading “2014 Season Underway as Pudong Begins Defense of D3 Crown”

Are You Ready for Some Cricket? 2014 Season Schedule Released

The Shanghai Cricket Club has released the schedule for the 2014 SCC League season as well as anticipated club tours to Hong Kong and Singapore and the hosting of the China Cup.

The season kicks of on March 23 with an SCC League Division 3 match between the Daredevils and Pudong at the Shanghai Rugby Football Club. The SCC will see its first action on April 6 when the first Maroon vs Green inter-squad match of the season is held.

The full schedule through June 1 can be found under the Fixtures tab of the website.

HAT-TRICK!!! Daredevils CC Win Third Consecutive Division 1 Championship

Daredevils CC won their third consecutive Division 1 crown on Sunday, defeating Pudong CC in the final over of the match.

Pudong batted first in the 35-over match and set a target of 208 to win, making it to the end of their 35 overs with just one wicket in hand. Maintaining the run rate throughout the chase, the Daredevils reached the target with just one wicket and three balls to spare in the final over of the match.

Pudong CC: 207/9
Daredevils CC 208/9