CricHQ Training

CricHQ Training

With the proper training yet to come from CricHQ, the SCC will hold a training session this Friday, April 1 at Hit Wicket at 8:30 pm for anyone interested in learning how to score with the app and/or manage players and teams through the website. A second training will also be held next Wednesday, April 6 at the same time and place.

The app is quite intuitive and easy to use once a match is underway, but is a little confusing to start with, so I will go through the process of setting up matches, a little bit of scoring, team management and results submission. If you or anyone at your club is interested please let me know.

If you do not wish to score directly through the app that is fine, you can still score manually, but teams will not be awarded points without submitting a full scorecard to CricHQ.

Finally, a reminder that any players not registered for their clubs by Friday evening at 10 pm will not be eligible to play this weekend. If you have any members struggling to register or have any questions feel free to contact Dayne Wotton.

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